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Stories for week starting Monday, February 17, 2020


Amidst National Crisis, Province Gives Unist’ot’en an Ultimatum

Meet with pipeline company within 30 days or decision will be made without you, Environmental Assessment Office says.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 21 Feb 2020


New Study Finds Far Greater Methane Threat from Fossil Fuel Industry

The gas plays a powerful role in driving up global temperatures.

Andrew Nikiforuk, 21 Feb 2020


I Watched Americans Try to Pick Their Trump Slayer. Yikes

A Canadian hits Iowa and New Hampshire to live in the Democrats’ big tent. How big is too big?

Doug Ward, 21 Feb 2020


I Took Up Drawing Again, and Now I'm in Love with Frogs

Picking up the pen reminds me of the natural world's extraordinariness.

Dorothy Woodend, 21 Feb 2020


'I'm Weird with Food'

People think I'm just the world's pickiest eater. Actually, I have a thing called ARFID.

Ben Boddez, 21 Feb 2020


RCMP Handling of Wet’suwet’en Protests Mirrors Complaints in New Brunswick

Almost 12 months after receiving report from complaints commission, RCMP still hasn’t responded.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 20 Feb 2020


The BC Liberals’ Budget Misfire

We’re paying less in taxes. So why is leader Andrew Wilkinson so unhappy?

Paul Willcocks, 20 Feb 2020


Federal Privacy Office Acted Like RBC’s PR Arm, Says Integrity Advocate

FOI reveals watchdog pushed media to change headline on story about investigation into bank.

Bryan Carney, 20 Feb 2020


Please Advise! You’re Afraid of the Wrong Kind of Mask

‘What better symbol of modern political activity than the adoption of temporary guises?’

Steve Burgess, 20 Feb 2020


Women’s Rights Have Evolved, but We’re Still Being Smell Shamed

Talking retro sexisms that haven’t gone away with Karma Brown, author of the new 'Recipe for a Perfect Wife.'

Dorothy Woodend, 20 Feb 2020


NDP Makes History! (By Balancing Its Budget Again)

Resource revenues are diving, but the province’s wider boom offsets new spending.

Will McMartin, 19 Feb 2020


What the Teck Mine Will Destroy

Old growth, wetlands, wildlife. Everything the review panel added up and wrote off.

Andrew Nikiforuk, 19 Feb 2020


Budget 2020: New Taxes on Pop and the Rich, Plus a Boost for Health Care

NDP could’ve done more than a ‘stay the course’ budget, say critics.

Andrew MacLeod, 18 Feb 2020


Hiding Behind the Myth of One ‘Rule of Law’

Indigenous law exists. The courts have recognized it. The Wet’suwet’en are following it.

Paige Raibmon, 18 Feb 2020


Coronavirus: An Economic Pandemic?

How COVID-19 could alter Canada’s oil and gas industry, tourism, education and public health.

Crawford Kilian, 18 Feb 2020


‘Overdose:’ A Book for Every Politician in Canada

A bold, informed about-face from Stephen Harper’s former drug policy advisor.

Crawford Kilian, 18 Feb 2020


‘A Totally Rigged System’: Injured Workers in British Columbia Want Change Now

Advocates concerned at government delays in dealing with WorkSafeBC reform.

Andrew MacLeod, 17 Feb 2020