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Tyee Mobile

The Tyee's FREE mobile app is currently available for Androids and iPhones. It also works with certain Blackberry devices, such as the Torch.

No download required. You won't find it in any app stores.

Just open your phone's web browser, go to "," and then save the page to your home screen. (The app will prompt you to do so the first time you access it.) If you're on a phone now, just click here:

This puts the icon on your phone's desktop for easy future access.

Free to download. Easy to use. We hope you like it.

How do I add the app to my phone?

The following shows how to install it on an iPhone.

1. In the URL box in your phone's browser, type "".

2. When the page opens, tap the boxed arrow at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap Add to Home Screen

4. Tap Add.




How did we build this beautiful app?

The Tyee news app was produced by Phillip Smith and Greg Heo using Sencha Touch, a HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework. The source code for this application is open source and can be found on Github


What about non-touch-screen phones?

Just open a browser and navigate to You will be re-directed to a mobile-optimized version of our site. Save that to your home screen and you will have something that looks and acts like an app. If you ever need to see our full site on your phone, there's a link at the bottom of that page.  [Tyee]