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Become a Tyee Builder

Become a Tyee Builder
$15/month You could spend $15 this month on a dozen copies of a mainstream print newspaper


You can sign up as a Tyee Builder and use $15 to strengthen an independent voice in Canada's media. Plus, you'll be making the news we publish available to everyone who wants to read it.

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*Giving $15 a month and up to Tyee journalism gets you a signed book! You can also check out the other levels using the tabs above*

$5/month You could spend $5 this month on one (just one) extra-special cappuccino


You can sign up as a Tyee Builder and let us put your $5 toward the cost of a Tyee reporter filing an FOI request with the BC Government.

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$10/month You could spend $10 this month on a ride down the Grouse Mountain gondola (you're taking The Grind on the way up)


You can sign up as a Tyee Builder and put your $10 toward keeping breaking news rolling out on The Hook as soon as it happens.

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$50/month You could spend $50 this month taking a friend out for a burger and a couple of pints of Molson


You can become a Tyee Builder and put one of our reporters on the road to investigate a story.

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*Giving $50 a month to Tyee journalism gets you a signed book!*

$100/month You could spend $100 this month on a ticket to see Michael Buble in concert


You can be responsible for the writing, editing, and publishing of five Tyee articles this year that will inform, entertain, and inspire those who read them.

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*Giving $100 a month to Tyee journalism gets you a signed book and an invitation to our exclusive "Cornerstone Celebration," held annually to thank our most supportive Builders*

How Do I Sign Up?

1. In the box above, choose the amount that works for you.

HINT: Giving $15 a month and up gets you a signed book by one of the famous Canadian authors that support The Tyee.

2. When you've decided on a level, press "Click to Give" to go to our secure Builder sign-up page.

3. Enter your information.

4. Check your email: you'll receive both a transaction receipt and a welcome email from The Tyee within 24 hours. If you're giving $15 a month or more, that email will be your first chance to select your signed book. (Supplies are limited. So, be quick!)

5. Tell your friends how good it feels to support independent media by sharing this page with them.

6. If you're donating $15 a month or more, check your mailbox several times a day to see if your signed book has arrived yet. (Kidding! It could be a few weeks.)

Rewards to you

When you become a Builder pledging $15 a month or more, you’ll get a book signed by one of your Canadian literary heroes: Klein, Cameron, McQuaig, Valliant, Coupland, Nikiforuk and two dozen more who support the Tyee: check out your choices here.

No matter what you pledge, you’ll get…

  • A sweet little Tyee Builders lapel pin
  • A new interactive eNewsletter taking you inside the Tyee
  • Recognition on our Builder Bulletin page (if you wish)
  • Satisfaction that comes with supporting independent Canadian media

Really feeling it? Pledging $100 a month makes you a "Cornerstone." Receive all benefits above and the blushing awe of Tyeesters everywhere. Plus an invite to our annual Cornerstone Celebration -- part party, part strategy session -- with The Tyee's editorial team and your fellow top Builders.

What to Expect After You Sign Up

As part of the sign-up process, we've included a brief survey that will help us get to know you a little better. This short questionnaire is an opportunity for you to tell us your news priorities, issues that interest you, and whether or not you'd like to remain anonymous.

After you've become a member, you'll get an email receipt for your financial transaction and a quick welcome note from your grateful friends at The Tyee. You can expect to receive your goodies and have your name listed on our page of supporters, the Builder Bulletin, within a few weeks. For further information, click on the buttons below.

BuilderFAQ Dave Explains BuilderFAQ

Supporting The Tyee with $15, $50, or $100 a month? Here are a few of the options for the signed book we'll send you. Click on the books to see more.

Builder Books

Builder Books

Why We Ask You to Become a Tyee Builder

Your volunteer subscription to The Tyee will empower us to seriously ramp up our investigative and solutions reporting. And Canada will get the kind of media we need: Fearlessly independent. High impact. Sustainable.


Why Pay for What Seems Free Now?

The Tyee publishes news and views largely shut out of corporate media. We receive about a million pageviews each month and we are here to stay. You can see how we pay our basic bills here. But we could do so much more with a bump in financial resources. And media independence, we believe, has to include working from a strong base of support among our readers. In fact, there's nothing "free" about real journalism. File a Freedom of Information request? That's $60. Research claims of a toxic threat? $250, for starters. Send a reporter to Washington, D.C., to investigate oil sands lobbying (as we did here)? That's hundreds of dollars invested in time and travel. Let's show Canada how many people truly value non-corporate media. Choose your level of support in the box at the top of the page.

How Does This Help Everyone?

Tyee journalism goes out into the world and is available to all. As a Builder, your money directly funds the enlightenment that results. Help inform, entertain, and inspire people in your community.

How Does This Help You?

In addition to several tangible perks (a signed book, for example, if you sign up at $15 a month and up), becoming a Tyee Builder brings you into the Tyee's inner circle. We'll seek your opinions and which issues you want to read more about. Then there's the "warm fuzzies" aspect -- knowing you're personally helping an independent voice in Canadian media thrive.

All Tyee Builder transactions are processed in Canadian Dollars. The Tyee/Countercurrent Media is a Canadian organization, located in Vancouver, BC. If you have any questions, please refer to our Builder Handbook. There, you'll find details about how the program works as well as information about refunds, subscriber privacy, and cancellations. If your question is not answered there or if you need to contact someone at The Tyee for any other reason relating to the Tyee Builder Program, please email our Community Manager or click here for our phone number and mailing address.