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The Lady of the Lake

front thumb for Carla Funk and The Lady of the Lake


Dad showed up towing a used trailer and promised us a clean getaway up the Yellowhead. Read more »

By Carla Funk, Today


Anti-racism protestors

Charlottesville: Why White Educators Need to Fight Racism Every Day

Teachers have special role in fight against racism and white supremacy.

By Michelle Stack, Today



Losing the Mirror

In my haste to escape, I remembered the dog but forgot clothes. Good choice.

By Kate Braid, Yesterday


Jagmeet Singh

Singh Takes On MPs in Bid for NDP Leadership

Ontario MPP says social justice focus, organizing strength will overcome campaign challenges.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, Yesterday

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Looking Back from 2037: How Canada’s Food Revolution Began

A vision of future food democracy — and a chance to take the first critical steps to make it happen.

By Anelyse Weiler and Sophia Murphy, Yesterday



British Columbia Will Have a $15 Minimum Wage by 2021

Increases will be planned and implemented gradually, according to NDP labour minister.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, Yesterday



Rebel Cofounder Quits, Citing ‘Lack of Editorial and Behavioural Judgment’

Brian Lilley ‘no longer comfortable’ at conservative media organization.

By Tyee Staff, 15 Aug 2017


Church steeple

How Churches and Service Clubs Can Ease Housing Crunch

Growing number of organizations partner in property redevelopments to meet their needs, fill gaps.

By Christopher Cheung, 15 Aug 2017


A river swimming with Chinooks

A Man and His River

In praise of the perfect Vancouver Island fishing hole, and one monster inhabitant.

By DC Reid, 15 Aug 2017


Grizzly bear

NDP Government to End Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunting

Move ‘supported by the vast majority of people across our province,’ says forests minister.

By Emma Gilchrist, 15 Aug 2017


BC forest fire

Blame BC Liberal Neglect, Not Climate Change, for Year of Fires

Despite warnings, government failed to invest in measures to reduce wildfire risk.

By Bill Tieleman, 15 Aug 2017


Shawnigan Lake landfill

Can Horgan Fix BC’s Broken Environmental Protection System?

Shawnigan Lake, Mount Polley show culture that reflects BC Liberals’ contempt for regulation, enforcement.

By Paul Willcocks, 14 Aug 2017



Why the American Left Failed, and What Canadians Can Learn

Prophetic book argues progressives abandoned fight for workers in favour of culture campaigns.

By Crawford Kilian, 14 Aug 2017



Keep the Arbutus Corridor for Cyclists and Walkers

The best use would focus on reflecting and preserving the corridor’s transportation history.

By Daniel Roehr, 14 Aug 2017



How Do We Ready Kids for the Next Generation of Fake News?

As the tactics gets slicker, BC students need media literacy skills quicker, say academics.

By Katie Hyslop, 14 Aug 2017


TransLink compass card

Tyee Story on TransLink Data-Sharing with Police Prompts Provincial Investigation

Transport authority increasingly discloses rider info, no warrant required.

By Tyee Staff, 11 Aug 2017


Space founder Pat Christie

Space Explorers: Inside Vancouver’s Coworking Studio for Industrial Designers

In the pricy city, Pat Christie saw the need for a place for artists to work and connect. So he built it himself.

By Rachel Sanders, 11 Aug 2017



Going Green Means Construction Job Boom in Canada: Report

Efforts to cut greenhouse gases could bring 4 million jobs, Columbia Institute study finds.

By Christopher Cheung, 10 Aug 2017


Kinder Morgan protester

BC Launches Legal Fight Against Trans Mountain Pipeline

New government hires Thomas Berger for legal advice, turns to courts to block project.

By Seher Asaf, 10 Aug 2017



Defying Wildfire Evacuation Order, This Indigenous Community Stood Its Ground

‘We’ve fought fire generation after generation after generation.’

By David Lavallee and Jeremy Williams, 10 Aug 2017


Roller derby family

Splintered Bones? Roller Derby Is Worth the Price

We get hurt — a lot — but the sport’s special magic brings us back for more.

By Emily McCarty, 10 Aug 2017


John Horgan

What Horgan Can Learn From Obama’s Big Mistake

The campaign to build support for a party’s vision can’t end with the election.

By Michiah Prull, 10 Aug 2017



TransLink Should Review Policy on Info Sharing with Police, Says Privacy Advocate

‘How do we as a public understand that these systems are not being abused?’

By Seher Asaf, 10 Aug 2017


Youth sleeping

Youth with Foster Care Experience Far More Likely to End Up Homeless: Report

New data looks at the ‘pipeline’ from care to the street, urges new measures.

By Katie Hyslop, 9 Aug 2017



‘We Were Doulas Before There Were Doulas’

After an unforgettable experience with her daughter, Danette Jubinville advocates for Indigenous-specific birth care.

By Emilee Gilpin, 9 Aug 2017



The Alternate Realities of Trump’s America

In ‘Devil’s Bargain,’ Joshua Green examines the duo of Steve Bannon and the President. But there’s more to unpack.

By Crawford Kilian, 9 Aug 2017



Too Little, Too Late for Vancouver’s Housing U-Turn

Nine years after broken promise to end homelessness, it’s time for a radical new approach.

By Jean Swanson, 9 Aug 2017



Tyee Poll: How Can News Media Improve Housing Reporting?

Tell us what you think.

By Tyee Staff, 8 Aug 2017



NDP Government Restores Funding for Adult Ed and English Language Courses

Decision reverses five years of cuts, ends tuition fees.

By Katie Hyslop, 8 Aug 2017


TransLink compass card

TransLink Increasingly Sharing Riders’ Personal Information, Travel With Police

Exclusive: Tyee FOI request uncovers increase in police requests for personal information without independent oversight, notice to targeted individuals.

By Bryan Carney, 8 Aug 2017

A Man and His River

In praise of the perfect Vancouver Island fishing hole, and one monster inhabitant.

By DC Reid


How do you think news media can do better on housing reporting?

  • Less alarm?
  • Less on real estate?
  • More or less on middle-class needs?
  • More or less on millennials?
  • More on poverty?
  • More on solutions?
  • More accountability of politicians?
  • Other

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