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Site C, a Crisis Foretold

Costs for B.C.’s mega-project are ballooning due to problems with soft ground. That should surprise no one who read Zoe Ducklow’s reports leading into the 2017 provincial election. From May 3, 2017:

“The official budget is $8.775 billion, which includes almost $1 billion… for unexpected costs or overruns. But is $1 billion enough? Comparable modern dams in Canada have run way over budget… In [two] cases the land was harder to build on than anticipated and cost estimates were too low, according to the CEOs of the power corporations.”

Cracks in the wall of promises were there to see in these Tyee explainers.

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Get to Know The Tyee Team, Three Things at a Time

Three Things is our behind-the-scenes interview series where we ask people in The Tyee network about what’s on their mind and look for connections between their stories, work and what’s happening in the world.

Since shifting to a remote office, we’ve been spending a lot of time on Zoom. Along the way, we’ve gotten to know each other better, often catching glimpses into each other’s lives that you just don’t get in a regular office.

We’re bringing readers into these sessions so you can meet the team and get some insight into what makes our reporters and editors tick.

Three Things goes live on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. PST. Sign up for the next zoom webinar here or watch for our livestreams on Facebook or Youtube.

Check out all of our past Three Things episodes here.

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Anger as an Energy for Good
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This crisis has taken so much from so many people. Be angry but channel that anger to seeking change, standing with the peers and the clients. Everyone has value. Every life is a life worth saving…. Anger is an energy, and it can be channeled for good.

Никита Волковa, in response to The Tyee article “An Overdose Prevention Worker Is Killed on Duty. His Colleagues Want Answers”

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Tyee Poll: What Needs to Be Done to Decriminalize Poverty in Canada?

  • Defund police forces.
  • Overhaul the criminal justice system federally and provincially.
  • Develop social resources to support low-income communities.
  • Provide subsidized housing models receptive to marginalized communities.

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Living in a Persistent Pandemic

As cases surge in the U.S. and bounce back up in B.C. we are forced to contemplate a long new normal for keeping ourselves safe. We can’t bet on a widely effective vaccine soon. In fact, it may be years or never before we stamp out the coronavirus. So how must we adapt? Changing our behaviour is key. These Tyee reports by contributing editor Andrew Nikiforuk, author of two books about pandemics, provide guidance worth revisiting.

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