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What is ‘solutions journalism’ anyway?

What if journalism could go beyond pointing out problems and instead search for and connect people working on making things better? There’s a term for this: solutions journalism. It’s not widely practiced, but The Tyee has been on the forefront of solutions journalism in Canada for over a decade.

“The idea is that reporting on responses to problems can provide larger impact, more insight, increased engagement, and examine issues in closer detail by looking at the other side of stories we rarely see. How are we doing better? It’s a shift in focus and mindset for publications and their employees; a new lens for professionals to look through. It’s not about hero worship or telling heartwarming stories about your neighbourhood bake sale. It’s about compiling anecdotes, facts, interviews, and research to tell stories about positive impact.”

Read more about solutions journalism and how The Tyee does it in this article from the Ryerson Review of Journalism.

Editor's Pick

This story is making waves.

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On the virtues of tree hugging
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The label "tree hugger" is often looked upon in patronizing, almost negative manner. If you are lucky enough to have easy access to a wooded walking (snowshoeing) trail, pick a special tree and give it a hug. A good hug, not the phony one that has taken the place of the air kiss among our cool class. It may sound like crackpot, new age nonsense, but try it anyway. Nothing better if you have had a bad day. You will look forward to your next meeting. Works for me and I'm a hard-nosed realist.

Ron Martin, in response to The Tyee article “Talking with the Botanist Who Talks to Trees”

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