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The Pandemic in BC Now

Click on the tabs below the chart to toggle among five regularly updated snapshots of Total Cases, Daily New Cases, Ever Hospitalized Cases, Total Recovered, and Total Deaths in the five B.C. health regions and the province as a whole.

The data is from the B.C. Centre for Disease Control.

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Fixing Long-Term Care

Just one per cent of Canadians live in long term care residences, yet such places are linked to 80 per cent of COVID-19-related deaths. If there are positive outcomes of the pandemic, one must be major reforms in long-term care. There are calls for government inquiries, for bringing all nursing homes under the Canadian Health Care Act, for improving pay and working conditions for care workers, for abolishing for-profit nursing homes, and for implementing national, universal long-term care. The Tyee has published investigations of this tragic scandal and, collected here, ideas for solutions.

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Staying connected online
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My Mom and Dad have re-started their Memory Cafe on the Sunshine Coast online and it is really helping to keep every connected and feeling cared for. I personally really miss volunteering in person with them but they are doing just fine.

John-Paul Richmond, in response to The Tyee article “In Our Choir, People with Dementia Sing with Others. Now It’s Zooming”

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Get to the bottom of something big.

How’re You Holding Up?

Locked-down lifestyles are proving a “boot camp” for testing relationships and personal resilience, observes SFU psychologist Yuthika Girme. The pressures exert themselves on parents balancing work and childcare and homeschooling all under one roof. They can exacerbate anxiety and depression. And they put a major crimp in romance. After all, there are limits to what Zoom can do for the human heart and soul. The Tyee has sought out expert advice and first-person accounts to help everyone hang in there. Dive deep, and don’t forget to come up for air.

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