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We Asked Two Experts to Evaluate Each Party’s Climate Plan

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At this point, which has the best chance of reducing emissions in a just way? Read more »

By Geoff Dembicki, Today



Governments’ Failure to Control Deer Disease Risks Trade, Health and Wildlife, Experts Warn

Chronic wasting disease is being spread by deer farms and poses huge dangers, says letter to Trudeau.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, Today



‘We’re Pretty Proud of It’: BC’s First Indigenous-Owned Legal Pot Shop Opens

Owners Carrie and Adam Mussell say the hard work was worth it.

By Braela Kwan, Yesterday



Twerps, the Apocalypse, Pipelines and Vonnegut

Trudeau and Scheer share a ludicrous oil addiction. Where’s Kurt when you need him?

By Andrew Nikiforuk, Yesterday

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Katie Hyslop, reporter

Over 1,000 Tyee Readers Contribute to Election Reporting Fund

Now, the work begins to dig into the questions you want answered. Thank you!

By Jeanette Ageson and Robyn Smith, Yesterday



The Little-Known Settler Who Fought for Indigenous Rights

‘At the Bridge’ chronicles the life of James Teit, a BC ethnographer whose work challenged Canadian racism.

By Crawford Kilian, Yesterday



I’m Chinese-Canadian, Queer and Trans. Here’s Why Hong Kong’s Protests Matter to Me

The fight for democracy affects LGBTQ+ rights. And the impact reaches across the ocean.

By Dora Ng, 24 Jun 2019



Svend Robinson: ‘Our Last Chance to Turn Things Around’

Once the NDP’s radical star, he’s back with an agenda to rescue his party and planet.

By Geoff Dembicki, 24 Jun 2019


Katie Hyslop, reporter

Last Chance to Make Tyee’s Reader-Powered Election Coverage a Reality

And the extra question we'll pursue with your help (hint: pro-rep election reform).

By Jeanette Ageson and Robyn Smith, 24 Jun 2019



Finally, a Campaign Promise with Teeth in It

For some very personal reasons, the NDP’s public dental care pledge makes me smile.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Jun 2019



The Steady Attack on Freedom in Hong Kong

UBC roundtable notes role of youth in powering protests against a controversial extradition bill.

By Hilary Leung, 21 Jun 2019



How Climate Change Divisions Threaten the BC Liberals

As the issue rises in importance, an insider warns of the risk.

By Paul Willcocks, 21 Jun 2019


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Trudeau’s Climate Change Policy Is Strategically Inadequate

Approving a pipeline while declaring a climate emergency is ‘climate change denial with a human face.’

By Tristan Hughes, 21 Jun 2019



Always Be My Kimchi-jjigae

The Netflix comedy echoed my upbringing, reminding me how food provides both pain and healing.

By Carol Eugene Park, 21 Jun 2019



Tackling Dementia Will Require a Fast Sprint

New federal strategy on prevention and care has fine goals, but needs a lot more than $81 million for any hope of success.

By Crawford Kilian, 20 Jun 2019



If Doctors Said This Was Your Last Spring, What Would You Do?

My answer has been to roam the night with pruning shears.

By Brian Brett, 20 Jun 2019



Eight Hard Questions for the PM of Pipelines and Climate Emergency

He says Canadians can have it both ways. The facts say otherwise.

By Michael Harris, 19 Jun 2019



Parking for Greater Social Equity?

It’s possible! Current debates on parking costs miss the chance to build a stronger, more inclusive city.

By Melody Ma, 19 Jun 2019



Is Protest Good for Democracy? And Does It Work?

When certain conditions are present, huge change is possible. So get out there.

By Roberta Rice, 19 Jun 2019



Trudeau Declared a Climate Crisis, then Backed Trans Mountain Again

Opponents slam approval of potentially ‘catastrophic’ pipeline expansion.

By Andrew MacLeod, 18 Jun 2019



Is This Really Us?

Vancouver falls prey to the architecture of globalism. Do we deserve better?

By Patrick Condon and Scot Hein, 18 Jun 2019


Jagmeet Singh

Site that Advertised Lie about NDP’s Singh a Client of Israeli Ad Firm

Israeli publication gets closer to origin of ad that sparked federal probe.

By Bryan Carney, 18 Jun 2019



Dementia: A Community Centre’s Small, Important Victories

Caregiving is a ‘difficult journey that no one should travel alone.’ A special program in North Van helps.

By Crawford Kilian, 18 Jun 2019



At Vancouver’s MOA, Puppets that Make You Feel (Not Freak Out)

If you’re looking for an exhibit that enchants, this global look at the power of puppetry is it.

By Carol Eugene Park, 18 Jun 2019



‘Army’ of RCMP to Protect Pipeline, but No Answers on Indigenous Woman’s Death

‘They’ve put more money into watching us, labelling us and monitoring us than into searching.’

By Amanda Follett Hosgood, 17 Jun 2019



‘Climate Crisis’ Open Letter to Media: Who’s Responded (So Far)

UPDATED: Five-point plan on Tyee finds allies in CWA union, Canadian Association of Journalists, US journos.

By Geoff Dembicki, 17 Jun 2019



Help Us Turn Michael Harris Loose on Vital Election Issues

The ace journo plus your support builds an even stronger Team Tyee.

By David Beers, 17 Jun 2019



Matriarchs Uprising Celebrates Powerful Works by Indigenous Dance Artists

Both dance and women leaders are key components of the push to reclaim culture and decolonize.

By Emma Renaerts, 17 Jun 2019


Winnipeg Film Group

The Weirdest and Best Films in Canada Come Outta Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Film Group made the Prairie city a centre for creative filmmaking. A new documentary explains how.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Jun 2019



We Took a Little Field Trip to a BC Farm Raising Millions of Maggots

The way agri-biz feeds pets, poultry and fish is devouring Earth. David Suzuki helped invent a hopeful alternative, and we paid a visit.

By Christopher Pollon, 14 Jun 2019

If Doctors Said This Was Your Last Spring, What Would You Do?

My answer has been to roam the night with pruning shears.

By Brian Brett


Which of these questions are you most interested in getting some answers to in the upcoming election?

  • Do you agree Canada should be on an emergency footing regarding climate change, and if so what actions will your party take?
  • What are the tax loopholes in Canada, how have other countries closed them, what are candidates willing to do to assure the rich pay their fair share and reverse the widening wealth gap?
  • How do we transition to a green economy without causing mass unemployment and upheaval?
  • What would you do in the next 36 months to improve housing in and provide potable water to remote First Nations communities?
  • What would it mean to include dental care and pharmacare as part of government-funded health care, and where do candidates stand?

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Last week: Did you think Vancouver should rename its streets and places that honour racist figures? Read the results of that poll here.

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