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Dive into Wildfires

Where there’s smoke there’s the fact that wildfires now dominate our climate-changed summers. Why? And now what?

The Tyee several times has had the privilege of publishing Canada’s best journalist on the topic, Ed Struzik, who explained three years ago why "megafires" are here to stay, and how to create a better strategy for dealing with them.

In the meantime, as Brandon Wei reports, urban areas are increasingly vulnerable. And if you’re looking for a hot career, firefighter Nick Raeside details the dangerous art of preventive slashburning.

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Privilege Divides in a Pandemic
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What does a city do with a problem that has been growing, and likely been being ignored, for years? Poverty, precarity and the problems of the marginalized in a globalized corporate world can only increase. How do we find solutions, and forms of caregiving, to take us to a better place?

COVID is revealing many of the cracks in our unsustainable culture and economy. Fighting and working desperately to preserve our bubbles of privilege are simply delaying tactics.

Ingamarie, in response to The Tyee article “Vancouver Councillor Urges End to Social Media Attacks against Homeless People and Drug Users”

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Tiny Homes for the Homeless

In Vancouver, a tent city of homeless people is Canada’s largest, yet city staff so far refuse to favourably consider an approach taken by many other cities. Tiny homes, installed quickly for a fraction the cost of current social housing, can be a “bridge” to safe, stable living for homeless citizens, research shows. Here is coverage by The Tyee on this potential short-term solution, including a visit to Seattle where 12 tiny home villages are slated to grow to 40.

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