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Not Your Usual Pundit Panel: The Tyee’s Debate-a-Palooza

Well that was something! Following the federal leaders’ debate on Monday, Tyee readers and our whipsmart panelists Kai Nagata, Jessica Pigeau, Steve Burgess, Wawmeesh Hamilton and MC Emma Cooper gathered for two hours of dissecting and riffing on the only English-language debate this election season. We’ll post some video clips from the night soon. Thanks to all who came out and made it the most interesting political discussion you won’t see on TV.

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Who’ll stand up for vets?
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I served with the CAF military from 1972 to 2002. It was a good experience overall, with a few great years in there. I left with no disabilities or even hard feelings. I didn’t look back though.

We used to say: “don’t get hurt, don’t get sick.” Due to the nature of our work, we were vulnerable. We knew the deal, prepare for disappointment and a fight, if one should get injured or worse.

Every last government has treated those serve more or less the same way. If people truly cared about veterans, they wouldn’t turn it into a political “bun fight.” We used to toss buns at one another at mess dinners, a useless activity and waste of food.

Howard Gibb, in Veterans’ Group Relaunches ‘Anybody but Conservatives’ Campaign

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No Platform? No Problem!

The Conservative Party of Canada’s official platform was released on Friday, well after the main federal leaders’ debates, a week before the final day of voting on Oct. 21, and right before a three-day weekend.

Lucky for you, we’ve been working to parse out the party’s policies and Leader Andrew Scheer’s positions long before platform day. Back in May, Michael Harris included some Scheer backstory in an early voters’ guide to the 2019 federal election. And Steve Burgess wrote about the leader’s “Scheer Ambition,” taking a look at his zig-zag rise to power, his dairy-laden leadership bid and his deeply conservative values that he promises not to act on. And editor Paul Willcocks — who is always right — looked at Scheer’s posturing as a working class hero and at the Conservatives’ really bad climate plan.

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