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The writer of this piece has no regrets. Still, one commenter’s take...
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As someone who was just finishing up grad school when this video was made, I can say that the voiceover at least would have been cringy in even 1988. Very 60s feel to it. And I think most of us have the author’s aha moment at some point, and I suspect in 10 or 20 years he will be cringing at this article as well. No judgment, just life.

Randall Sutton, in response to The Tyee article “Looking Back at SFU’s Groovy 1988 Promo Video”

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This story is making waves.

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Hacking the Holidays

If you’re overcome with twinkly joy, hey, whatever jingles your bells. For a lot of us, though, this can be a challenging time. It’s easy to feel lonely. Or to wish you were all alone, when festive gatherings become emotional minefields. We propose making sense of Christmas by making it your own.

Tired of treacle? Watch some alternative holiday movies. Dreading that drunken family dinner? Put a cork in it. Tis the season for grieving? Gift yourself some poetry. And if you’re religiously anti-Christmas, be of good cheer! The whole thing used to be pagan!


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This story is making waves.

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