Fidel Castro in South Africa with Nelson Mandela

Submitted by Tyee staff, 12 Jul 2013


Not often talked about in modern-day public discussions about the end of apartheid and the rise of Nelson Mandela is the role of Fidel Castro and Cuban support (troops, doctors, and others). This video gives a glimpse.

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Frazey Ford - Done [Official Music Video] - video thumbnail

Music: Can't Get More Vancouver Than Frazey Ford

Don't let the glitter fool you -- Frazey Ford is ferocious

Submitted by Tyee staff, 30 Jun 2015


Sneak Peek: A Former Coal Town's Past and Present Struggles For Social Justice

New Documentary Explores the Social Consequences of Coal

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Harry Leslie Smith Interviewed on CTV Canada AM

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Sneak Peek: New Oilsands Documentary Due Out This Fall

Sneak peek: new documentary on 'extreme energy' by award-winning Vancouver filmmaker David Lavallee.

Submitted by Tyee staff, 18 Jun 2015

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Jane Fonda Toasts the Coast at Greenpeace Rally

Hollywood star Jane Fonda heats up Vancouver oil protest.

Submitted by Tyee staff, 16 Jun 2015

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Why Does It Rain So Much in Kitimat? A Seasonal Affective Rap

Why does it rain so much in Kitimat? A seasonal affective rap.

Submitted by Tyee staff, 12 Jun 2015


'Harper in the Hot Seat': Michael Harris on The Agenda

Michael Harris, 'Harperlit' pioneer, on the PM's record.

Submitted by Tyee staff, 9 Jun 2015

Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati Plans to challenge Bill C-51 in Federal court - video thumbnail

Lawyer Announces Legal Challenge against C-51

Toronto lawyer Rocco Galati vows to challenge 'dictatorial' Bill C-51.

Submitted by Tyee staff, 4 Jun 2015


In Red Deer, a First Nations Mentor Honours Missing Aboriginal Children

In Red Deer, a First Nations mentor honours missing aboriginal children.

Submitted by Tyee staff, 2 Jun 2015

'Tampon Tax' Ends, Periods Continue

'Tampon tax' ends, periods continue.

Submitted by Tyee staff, 28 May 2015


Filmmakers Track Food Waste Diverted From Landfills

Where do food scraps go after your green bin? Vancouver filmmakers investigate.

Submitted by Tyee staff, 26 May 2015


Photographer Captures 'Fishing at the End of a Pipeline'

Fishing at the end of TransCanada's Energy East pipeline.

Submitted by Tyee staff, 25 May 2015


Three Young Brits Take on the Mud, Sweat, and Tears of Tree Planting in This BBC Doc

BBC documentary names tree planting among the 'World's Toughest Jobs.'

Submitted by Tyee staff, 19 May 2015


Meet BCers Behind Seven Legal Cases Against Northern Gateway

Meet BCers behind seven legal cases against Enbridge.

Submitted by Tyee staff, 13 May 2015

The Little Nordics - Life in miniature - video thumbnail

A Tribute to All You Norwailers -- and Iceland Lovers Too

A tribute to all you Norwailers -- and Iceland lovers too.

Submitted by Tyee staff, 11 May 2015